Why Choose Syringe Blister Packaging

Update:09 Jul 2021

Do you know what Syringe Blister Packaging is? Blister […]

Do you know what Syringe Blister Packaging is? Blister Packaging is the perfect solution for opening all kinds of sealed bottles and tubes. This similar to the feel that your consumers will receive when they finally reach into sturdy blister packing and open your thick cardboard vaporizing bottles. Except this method of blister packaging is MORE Efficient than the old fashioned cardboard vials from years ago. Now, instead of just crumpling up the blister packaging, you can actually bend the edges so that the syringe comes out nice and easy.

Blister Packaging also makes a great addition to other types of syringe and blister packaging. Like, say, you have created a concentrate jar that you want to be able to distribute to your customers with ease. Instead of having to sit there and bend over your hot glue gun, you could actually bend over the jar and pull the trigger to release your incredible new concentrate product.

Blister Packaging is also wonderful when creating reusable product containers for your products. Think about the amount of wasted product that is sitting in drawers and cupboards across the country. How many of those disposable items do you see being used each and every day? If you are like most people, you probably do not have the time to throw away perfectly good concentrate jars and other Syringe Blister Packaging, or your clients and customers may be missing out on the quality experience that comes with using these amazing product containers. Blister Packaging can help you create a product that has longevity, as well as, convenience.

The best Blister Packaging utilizes a revolutionary cutting process which is a cutting edge technology that makes traditional blister packaging obsolete. Blister Packaging allows the creation of a precision cut edge design with a precision cut edge. In addition to providing superior product design and packaging solutions,Blister Packaging also offers clients a number of exceptional benefits:

Superior Product Quality - Blister Packaging is superior to standard blister cards because it allows for a higher manufacturing yield. This means that you will be able to produce more concentrate products with less waste than you could with traditional blister packaging methods. Additionally, Blister Packaging does not require any additional steps when transferring the product from the press to your finished product. This means that there is no hot-moving equipment necessary which means faster production and more economical operation. In addition to superior product quality, low waste, and expedited production, Syringe Blister Packaging also allows you to offer competitive pricing to your clients.


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