What are the advantages of the new syringe assembly machine

Update:30 Jun 2021

The syringe assembly machine incorporates an innovative […]

The syringe assembly machine incorporates an innovative flow control mechanism for precise filling of the barrel. In the past, the process would involve a series of manual measurements to achieve the proper filling position. However, due to the present invention, it has been shown that the filling position is precisely controlled, which greatly reduces manual work. The reduced labor costs associated with this innovation allows the assembly line production line to be quicker.

In addition to speed, the Syringe Assembly machine vision system has a second advantage. Much like the machine vision system in an MRI machine, the syringe assembly machine vision system uses a third party image to identify the exact location of the needle. The three-party image identifies the locations of individual needles within the large barrel. This method of locating needles eliminates the need to rely on a human's localization skills, greatly reducing errors and reducing downtime.

The first component of the syringe assembly machine market forecast period is a five-year outlook period. The five-year outlook period is intended to provide an approximate prediction of the demand for syringes over the next five years. Specifically, the five-year period is meant to depict the anticipated number of new units that are required to be purchased to meet the projected increase in demand. Assuming that the demand for new syringes is consistent over the next five years, the five-year outlook period provides a reasonably good estimate of how many new units will be purchased by the end of the forecast period.

Another component of the Syringe Assembly Machine Market forecast period is a three-year outlook period. In this section, the impact of supply chain changes and the effect of the cost of manufacturing increases on profitability are considered. As previously mentioned, if the anticipated demand is sustained over the next three years, it is estimated that there will be little or no variation in the cost of manufacturing. If demand varies significantly between the three-year period, the effect of the changes in the supply chain will be amplified and will cause the price of syringes to vary significantly.


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