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The prefilled syringe is composed of a needle tube, a cap, a push rod or a piston. Generally speaking, prefilled syringes are mainly sterilized by ethylene oxide sterilization. But there will be residues in ethylene oxide sterilization, so how to detect whether the ethylene oxide residue meets the s...
The pre-filled syringe assembly is composed of a needle tube, a cap, a push rod or a piston, and each plastic assembly is produced by an injection molding process. Do you know the identification, packaging, transportation and storage standards of prefilled syringes? 1. Identification The small packa...
As a new type of drug packaging method, plastic syringe has the characteristics of simple use and convenient operation. High-quality plastic syringes need to undergo various inspections such as appearance, tightness and lubricity, and the safety and stability of the product can be guaranteed only if...
Inspection classification of prefilled syringes Product inspection is divided into factory inspection, type inspection, and supervision inspection. Type inspection of prefilled syringes Type inspection should be carried out in one of the following situations: a) New product filing; b) Re-production ...
The prefilled syringe has the following advantages: 1. The dosage is more accurate: For injections with higher viscosity, there are more liquid residues during use, and the prefilled syringe can minimize the amount of liquid residues and the dosage is more accurate. 2. Protect the user from the harm...
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