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Prefilled syringes, as a simple pharmaceutical packaging material, occupy an increasing share in the aseptic pharmaceutical packaging market, and the quality of domestic prefilled syringes is constantly upgrading. According to the experimental method stipulated in the relevant standards: take an app...
The appearance requirements of bromobutyl rubber pistons for prefilled syringes: the color should be uniform, and the product should not have stains, impurities, bubbles, cracks, lack of glue, roughness, glue threads, glue chips, sponges, and burrs; The phenomenon of incompleteness or sawtooth cause...
Nowadays, there are many types of infusion devices on the market, and the quality is different. So how can we choose the most suitable infusion device scientifically? Then we first need to know the following three points. First of all, the current priming devices are mainly made of glass and plastic...
The structure of the plastic syringe is relatively simple, generally mainly composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a positioning ring and a protective cap. In addition, the plastic syringe is safe to use and can be used in a single dose, which can effectively avoid cross-infection. Below w...
As a new type of drug packaging method, plastic syringe has the characteristics of simple use and convenient operation. The use greatly reduces the process of dispensing before the drug is used; it reduces the error of drug dosage, because the plastic syringe contains all the precise absolute medica...
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